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Contract Botfriend Chapter 10 Part 1
Title: Contract Boyfriend Chapter 10 Part 1
Pairing: Nichkhun/Wooyoung
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Nichkhun and Wooyoung are a contract boyfriend. There’s so many women and even men who need their job to ask them to be a “boyfriend”. For Wooyoung and Nichkhun this job was very fun, make a lots of money and easy to do. There’s nothing to worried until finally something not going properly, one of them falling in love, with someone who is not suppose to be.
A/N: hai it’s me again ! ^o^.. I know that my english not so good, I am sorry if there’s a lot of mistakes. I hope you enjoy and still can understand this chapter. Feel free to comments and critics.. please be honest ^^.

unbetaed, unedited.

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